Devil's Den

Devil's Den
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If you are looking for that "Indiana Jones" type feeling of adventure this dive site is for you. Devils Den is an underground spring inside of a dry cave. The entrance way is a narrow rocky passage leading you eventually to a series of wooden steps then to a large wooden platform several meters beneath the surface.  If you look up to the ceiling you will see a large opening to the surface allowing natural light to penetrate the cavern.  Hanging down from the ceiling are the roots of the surface plants adding to the exotic ambiance of this site.

The dive site itself is an average of 40 feet and riddled with honeycomb like limestone structures some large enough for several divers to pass through. Visibility is usually excellent and there are a couple old catfish that have grown to a length of over 3 feet. The name Devil's Den came from early settlers seeing steam, rising like smoke, from the opening of the cavern on cold winter mornings.  This site is also very old and prehistoric with remains of extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age.

Price: $65.00/pp

Includes: Site Fee, Tanks, ADI Instructor, BBQ and Free Transportation for first six PAID spots.


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30 FT 9 M
65 FT 20 M

This trip is only conducted upon request. If you are interested in this trip and would like more information on how we can make it happen for you please click here and we will contact you shortly.

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