Paradise Springs

Paradise Springs
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Paradise Springs is privately owned and operated.  It's a sinkhole with depths reaching 140 feet.  When you first arrive on site you see a set of steps carved into a sloping depression that ends at a wooden dock over looking a tiny hole not more than 12 to 15 feet in diameter.  The surrounding landscape has a variety of large tropical plants giving this site a small tropical "paradise" look and feel as the name implies. The entrance is a little intimidating because it's hard to imagine that upon entering this seemingly small hole you will find a quite large and roomy cavern.  At about 20 feet in depth the site forks off into two major caverns.  One cavern goes to a depth of about 40-50 feet while the other, sloping down at a 90 degree angle, goes all the way to 140 feet.  Open water divers should stop at 99ft.  Visibility is usually very good as long as you don't have a lot of careless divers about. If you look carefully on the walls of the cavern you can see ancient sand dollar imprints and other fossils.  Paradise Springs is a great dive but definitely for the advanced diver.

In order to attend this dive trip with us you must be an ADI Adventurer.

Price: $85.00/pp

Includes: Site Fee, Tanks, ADI Instructor and Free Transportation for first six PAID spots.

Note: 2 dive lights (primary and back-up) required.

45 FT 14 M
130 FT 40 M

This trip is only conducted upon request. If you are interested in this trip and would like more information on how we can make it happen for you please click here and we will contact you shortly.

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