Pompano Boat Dive

Pompano Boat Dive
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This is a privately chartered boat by American Dive Institute.  

This is NOT a cattle boat!

To make this experience more enjoyable we are limiting the number of divers to 8 (boat holds 12 divers).  This means you have the room to spread out and enjoy the ride to the dive site, roomto set up your gear and finally room to exit boat without falling over other divers.

Location: Located in the heart of Florida's Gold Coast out of Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach, experience one of two great anchor wreck dives, Captain Dan or Ancient Mariner at 50' to 110' of depth. The natural reefs are at 40' - 60', create an abundance of marine life with Barracudas, large Moray Eels, soft corals, sponges, algae, and other invertebrates. 

You must be advanced certified or enrolled in our advanced class to participate in this trip. Due to conditions this may be two wreck dives or one wreck and one reef.

# of Dives: 2 Dives

Diver Capacity: 12

Divers Allowed: 8

Dive Leaders: 2 (4:1 Ratio)

Tanks: 2 Air Tanks Included

Transportation: Included 

Price: $145.00/pp

Note: Safety sausage required by diver.

Click on the video below to see one of our Pompano Dive Trips:

45 FT 14 M
70 FT 21 M

This trip is only conducted upon request. If you are interested in this trip and would like more information on how we can make it happen for you please click here and we will contact you shortly.

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