Private Group Basic Scuba

Private Group Basic Scuba
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Custom Group Rate (6-10 people)

$349.95 Custom Group (7 days a week)

Semi-Private Rates (2-5 people)

$375.95/pp Semi-Private (Mon.-Fri. Only)
$375.95/pp Semi-Private (7 days a week) Group Check-out Dives
$399.95/pp Semi-Private (7 days a week) 

Private Rates (1 person)

$775.95 Private (Mon.-Fri. Only)
$899.95 Private (7 days a week)


Why the extra charge for "7 days a week"?  

Saturday and Sundays are considered premium days.

What does "Group check-out dives" mean?

This means that you may be grouped with other divers trained or in training by American Dive Institute for your final 2 days of check-out dives (open water), if your schedule dictates.  This will not exceed a 6:1 ratio.

What is "Custom Group"?

This is a group of six or more people with a custom tailored schedule, exclusive to ones group. No outside students will be added.  Great for families/friends and office team builders.

What does the Certification include?

This is a Private NAUI certification course that provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to scuba dive. Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and sites dove, approximate those of training.  

IncludesPrivate classroom, Private pool sessions (yours or ADI), Custom schedule, Site fees, Tanks, Weights, Wet suit, BCD, Regulators, Air fills, Free transportation (up to six people), Certification Card and Graduation BBQ.

Can we use my pool?

Yes, as long as it meets the criteria for safe instruction.  Min. depth needed 8 feet.

Are there any other fees?

As a service to people not wanting to make any purchases or just coming from out of town, we offer a Skin Diver Rental package for $25/entire class.  This includes high-end Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Booties and Fins.

What is the age minimum to be certified?

Age 10

What happens after I am certified with American Dive Institute?

You receive free gear rentals for the first 60 days after you complete your ADI Basic Scuba Certification for any paid ADI dive trip.



This program is only conducted upon request. If you are interested in this program and would like more information on how we can make it happen for you please click here and we will contact you shortly.

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