Basic Scuba

Blue Grotto Check-out Dives

Pool skills at YMCA

The decent down the Blue Grotto

James leading the way

Another Great Basic Class

The Lights and the Bell in the Grotto

Check-out Dive at Alexander Springs

Junior Basic Class at Alexander Springs

Gathering on the platform

Alexander Springs in water briefing

Father and Daughter on their first checkout dive

New Graduate at Blue Grotto

Jenna descending into the Den

Ambient light at Blue Grotto

Congratulations to our July 2009 class

Boyd showing proper bouyancy

Alexander and Olivia posing for Xmas photo

James leading the way in the Den

Newly certified Laura

Direct Effects of Pressure 1 ATA

Class at entrance of the Grotto

Jenna and Kay on Platform as the rest prepare to leave the Den

Sarah and April now divers

Direct Effects of Pressure 2 ATA

Happy students!

We are certified!

What work!

Now students dancing!!! What a fun class.

Ninja's in the water

It's one of our newest graduates!

Learning the basics!

Enjoying the graduation BBQ

About to breath underwater for the first time.